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AWAY WE GO: Sydney, Australia

Hello lovelies!

Well we have arrived to Australia and despite the jet lag, we are pretty filled with joy and excitement.

Here is a small sneak peak. Happy looks good on us right?




Calm in the crazy.

As the days until our wedding race by and work piles up and more and more is to be done, I find myself daydreaming. Daydreaming of being a calm woman with a quiet smile on her face. The woman in the movie who gracefully takes bad news and makes a small joke to lighten the mood, a little chuckle muffled under her breath. The woman with the natural beauty and the perfect shade of lipstick that shows she cares. Her clumsiness is charming and always well timed. I never used to think this way, and to be honest. It kind of feels like growing up. A few examples of these women can be found in these movies: • Father of the Bride Diane Keaton • Lars and the Real Girl Emily Mortimer • Away We Go Maya Rudolph



170 days until our wedding!

Tonight Will and I are taking some much needed relaxation time and watching as much TV as possible.

Sometimes you just gotta... be mindless. You know?

He just turned to me, while laying on his belly in his white (off white...) tee and blue jeans and yelled THANKSGIVING!

Ladies and gentleman, I am one lucky lady. No sarcasm, except for the off-whiteness. Those shirts have gotta go.

Starring on our screen tonight was of course...

Yay the New Girl is back!


Onward :)

Little by little you go a long way.

I'll be back with some nice posts this week :)