Have I mentioned to anyone that I have been doing a 30 day yoga challenge? Well I am and its awesome. Minus the fact that I made it 18 days straight, and then missed because one of my best friends gave birth! Thats an okay exchange right? More photos on Michelle's baby Ella to come later this week of course.

So tomorrow I am going to be back on course (some days doing yoga twice in a day to make up for the classes missed.)

One thing from this challenge that I would like to share is how great it is to take time to yourself everyday, which is what they tell us at the beginning of each class. Take time to take care of you and thank you. Because you know what? You're awesome.

Also maybe someday you will be able to do this, and how awesome does that seem?




So I joined home-ec. Its time to get my skills up to where they need to be. So ready.
Check it out! Its going to be so fun!


Espana, as promised.

I wish I could completely describe what I thought was going to happen on my trip before I departed but really, one thing I can for sure say, is that it was not what I expected.

Here is one the of magical times.

My friend Lucy and I took the day trip to Montserrat. We hiked our little tails up that mountain at midday and well, it was amazing. Good conversation about life love and all of the inbetweens, amazing views, and to top it off we talked to other nice people along the way. At the end of it all we did some needed souvenir shopping at the city below. We purchased some amazing, I mean super amazing chocolate made by Monks who live in the monastery at the top of the mountain.

This is a must do if you happen to find yourself in the area :)

I've been home for almost 3 weeks and am hitting the point where all of the little memories are rushing into mind. I love this part :)

Life is good by the way, lots of fun things to update! Also check out the not so awesome heat situation in my apartment on Anna's blog. Were making the best out of it I suppose.