For anna. 7 green things.

Some green things on Frank :)
This sweet little kiss.
This vase will bought for our house and fills regularly with pretty flowers.
Our fruit and kind bar bowl.
My amazing backpack.
Our masterpiece green wall.
My organize cups in my workspace.

I was tagged by Anna to take photos of 7 things in my apartment all in one color group. I chose green of course. I love all of my green things! I could have post so many more photos!


All my bells are ringin!

Last Sunday we put up our Christmas tree. We had so much fun! When I was little my mom dated a man named Daniel Pope, who own the tree lot here in Houston. He comes down every year form North Carolina! Getting a tree from the Pope Tree lot has been a tradition for many Houston families in the Montrose area! It was such a good experience to go back and see him again after so many years. Thanks Daniel!

So we made a little video of our evening decorating Frank :) This video was inspired by this video from the lovely Taza and Husband aka

We spent a long time decided what song we would put to this, and finally decided on a great one. We listened to it a lot when we were first dating :)

By the way our Christmas tree is name Frank. He fits right in here at the Swainstan house.

Thank you and you and and all of you!

I know it is not so lovely that I have not been blogging! I have absolutely been reading blogs though! Truth is I have just been so busy that I have so much to blog about and have not been sure where to start! So I am going to make this blog post about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was a blast with Will's (my lovely boyfriend who is called The Ber by many, but I am officially calling him Oats from here on out, like he is my honey bunches of "oats" That's that.) family and mine. We spent a lot of time with good friends of his here, as well others who were in from out of town or who live on the other side of town. I also got to see some of my most favorite people! Overall it was a great break :)

We all toasted!
Sully sold kentucky fried chicken. :)
Maurice rocked out as usual.
My mom enjoyed a pie.
Will spilled Pickle juice, it was noticeable. He thought he got away with it.
Mark and Brandon came too! It was great, the only pictures of them I have I took when I had already been cheersing...

Overall it was wonderful. I hope everyone else's was too!