on repeat.

I just refound my love for Kate Nash and have currently been listening to this song on repeat. All morning. So good.


We have a some news!

First, I am officially going to Spain to finish my degree this summer! I booked my ticket to Barcelona for May 25. Will was supposed to be able to come visit for couple of weeks but unfortunately there is no way he can leave work. Therefore the money that was going to go to the plane ticket... went to us finally getting our pup! We picked her out at the shelter on Valentines day and today she was all ready to go!

It was so hard to keep this a secret... We want to share with you the newest addition to our little family. Meet Olivia "Livi".
She is part catahoula and we think australian shepherd. We saved her from the shelter. She is the sweetest most loving little lady. We could not be more thrilled. Soon we will have our kitties back from their vacation too. Expect a lot of animal lovin crazy posts!

Look she is already loving blogs!

Will keeps calling her girly :) so sweet.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday Night!


The Wonder of You.

So my family raised me to really love Elvis. Not that I wouldn't have anyways... Since it is Valentine's weekend I would like to share one of my favorite pictures.

How great is that?

These are my parents. They are not married anymore but it makes me happy to know their was a day when they were this happy together, kind of like Elvis and Priscilla. (I'm in this picture too by the way)

Happy Valentines everyone. This post is happy I promise!


I am not a writer.

I have to write two ads a week for a broadcast and film writing class. These are for two different companies, local national, etc. I have to write scripts that are timed 60-30-20-10 seconds long. Crazy. My scripts are terrible. Terribly cheesy. Here is one so everyone can have a laugh. I chose Zales, a terrrible terrible overpriced and cheesy jewelry shop. Perfect.

(SOUNDS OF FAST WIND AND SHUTTER BANGING see snow falling out of window.
Woman: Oh hunny, have you looked at the weather lately?
     Man: (watching TV) Yes, it looks like we may be snowed in for a while. The 
               weatherman just said  this only the beginning. He forgot to 
               mention this isn’t the only beginning happening tonight.
Woman:  (making hot chocolate) What are you talking about, that makes no sense.
                (turns around and sees man on knees)
     Man: (opens up red Zales box)I don’t mind being snowed in with you forever.
               Will you start our fairy tale with me tonight? 
Woman: (spills hot chocolate) and screams yes, lets live happily ever after.
  Across screen: Zales. Your fairy tale. Any time. Even in a snow storm.

above: me hiding in shame


red velvet. in my mouth.

Sadly, it is not.
I can't shake the craving. Anyone know a healthy version of a red velvet cupcake? Pretty please with natural no calorie sweetener on top?

this is a photo of my dream come true 


tuesday, is today.

And today I just got lucky and found this cute giveaway :) Her blog always brightens my day. Even if I don't win, I must admit, I may be heading out to acquire some of those items because they look like they may be some of my favorite things as well :)



Will keeps making fun of me saying I sound like E.T. My finger and arm do really and truly hurt though. I show my emotions a lot too, so shoot me. We named my finger wrap curtis, silly I know but we had to make it funny. It looks like a little sausage I think.

So heres the story. How it would look in a newspaper.

(with some small exaggerations)

It was a busy wednesday night behind the bar at Berry Hill Revere. I was slinging drinks like Tom Cruise and people were lovin me. I began to feel a little faint and queasy from all of the business and my stage fright, the paparazzi were there, who wouldn't be nervous? So I sat down for a moment. Then the stylish couple at table one came up for another round of top shelf margaritas. I pick up a glass in each hand and set them on the edge of the bar, then CRACK! SMASH! JAB! SLICE!AHHHH! SPURT! The glass in my left broke at the stem and attacked my pinky finger. Some say the glass came to life, and that it was a scheme to get publicity for the famous people in the bar. Blood was pouring everywhere, the kitchen guys ran to my rescue as I burst into tears. They tried to stop the bleeding but it wasn't happening and I was starting to feel faint. I called for backup and tried to tame the roaring crowd. The stylish man said he knew the owner and tipped me 100 bucks for troopin through. Will showed up in helicopter and took me home. We thought I was okay... then we saw the blue and guts sticking out of my finger. Off to the emergency room... I fabulously filled out loads of paperwork and got my workers comp information. The news crew showed up and people were cheering me on! Elite 24hr emergency room said that my x-rays were so brilliant that they had to put them on a disk to show world. I watched as they sewed my finger back together, I was brave. They let me keep the tools so I can use them to sew at home. Hopefully not to sew skin back together. Will called the president and let him know that I was okay, and then we headed out into the night.



daydreaming of winning this giveaway while I deal with the pain of my first stitches ever,4, on my pinky finger too... What an intense night. Photos to come soon, don't worry, I will put a disclaimer at the top for those with a week tum. What a painful sewing lesson... Thanks for sticking by my side tonight Will :)