The Faire!

Today sweet The Ber (lovely boyfriend/avid roll over my toes man grr) went to the Rennaissance Festival. We had a great time! My best friend Anna's family has been working for the festival most of their life and we had the pleasure of doing the same when we were young! So today was great! Saw some people I have missed a lot (Aunt Pam and Aunt Polly!) and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

Here are some photos from the day, they are silly, and very carnivorous at times.

Have a great Monday!


Too busy to focus, think about car dealerships.

This week I know I have hit one of those crazy busy peaks that I am going to look back on and say wow that was insane (everyone has done this right?).
Here are some ways I know that this is happening.

In mid sentence I find my eyes focused on random spots on the wall, then on school, then on food, then on my weight, then on bar tending, then drinking at a bar, then back to conversation, then confused, then to work, then to logos, then to taking pictures, then to recording music, then to fluffy kitties, then to fluffy boyfriend beard, and then a bajillion other things but! This is the big one, I start thinking about THINKING. Ridiculous.

Then I revert back to being a little kid. When I was little I used to distract myself with this weird pattern of thoughts about buying a new car. I always wondered who dropped the person off at the car dealership to get their new car, what happened to the old one? What if they had someone ride with them...

Really this is all nonsense I know, but I knew nothing of trading in cars and cabs etc.

So when I start thinking about that car thing... I know I'm in overload mode. Also, I can be pretty sure that you may think I am crazy now too. Its ok, I may be :)



Jacob, my beautiful baby brother this post is for you.

3 years ago today you left this world for a new life, I hope you are loving it.

I think about you always and will always wish I could of held you and smelled your sweet baby smell.

I miss you.

Love your big sister,


I love you


Festive swapping :)

I am so excited! I found this ornament swap via my best friend's blog.

In Texas the weather cannot make up its mind. So it went from pretty low 70's and blue skies to funky muggy and hot. Not thrilled.

Which is why I am so pumped to participate in something festive!
Cheers to an awesome holiday season!

I love this little lamb angel ornament :)
Hope you have a great Monday :)


wine and design.

I almost forgot!
The bridal trunk show was a hit last night! It was hosted by the company I am with Green Lily and the fabulous Bridal Store Maison de Mode. I was asked to design the invitation and the signage for the outside! Check it out :)

My head looks all chopped and funny, I swear it is actually normal shaped. Well... at least not flat on one
side. After the event Will and I had the most lovely little dinner at the italian restaurant Gugilanis.
Then I decided I needed more wine to design for the rest of the night so I found this lovely bottle called "Mommy's Time Out"
The website is not very good...but I love the message it was a refreshing pinot grigio. I purchased it in honor of my lovely mother :

Open up your folding chair next to me.

This week has been sooo great!
So busy too...I mean really busy.
Anyways I would like to share some photos.

2nd Row center!
Regina Spektor Ruling
We also met a really nice guy named Jose who came to the show all of the way from Louisiana for the show! He is going to be going to Spain at the same time I am studying there. Awesome to make new friends who like good music.

Overall the show was amazing. Will and I ate at Hard Rock cafe by the venue and my veggie burger was nasty. Wills burger looked really good.

I am so happy Will enjoyed the show! Happy Birthday again love!

Also, having to pee very badly for hours while watching good music is okay until the show ends and you have to find a bathroom and maneuver through a large group of people. That was pretty lame.


Off to the Bridal Trunk show! I have so much to write about and so little time lately!

Anna's post today made me miss my long hair.

Will update tonight I promise!


home. workspace. love.

So I am in desperate need of a better workspace arrangement. Our apartment is filled with endless spots. I even have my own nook already! I just can't seem to be productive up in it. So I am currently sharing Will's workspace. With the large influx of projects I have on the rise... this simply will not work for long.

Here is an example of my dream space...

(photo via apartmenttherapy.com)

I need a workspace fairy to come to my rescue!

Pictures of current workspace soon... Must head off to job 2 of the day :)