Barcelona bound.

Helllooooooo. Off to Barcelona.
Finally got my luggage back. Need to charge my cameras. Can't wait to get to the homestay and get settled. Hoping some of the odd happenings will change when we stop travelling in this massive group. I'm getting peppier day by day. I've started to meet some really near people, even a fellow blogger! Definitely crazy to feel like I'm the old one at 23 here. Things will be good. I mean how can it not be. I'm in Spain. Really coming to terns with the fact that it's time to be a grown up, not that I wasnt already. My uncle sent me great email about just that. Sorry for the rambly post, I'm on a bus :) check out these iPhone photos from Toledo yesterday.

Miss everyone bunches, promise to be the best blog updated ever once I get settled and pass this spanish placements test.


P.S. Would anyone like to donate to a fly will to spain fund even though he has no vacay days, Im pretty positive that would make everything 100% better. I think Anna and Alexis have mentioned they want to come too. Let's make this happen.


Made it... sort of.

{how cute is my little sis?!}
Expect a better post later. Here is whats up as of now:
I have had about 4 hours of sleep in 36 hours
I miss Will.
I made it to Miami and had a wonderful day with Caitlin and my little sis.
I made it to Madrid finally.
Met a cool girl on the plane who is studying abroad too.
American Airlines sent my luggage to Canada on accident. All I have is my carryon (computer etc.) and my bag with shoes.
I currently don't smell beautiful.
I navigated Madrid without any gps all by myself and found my hostel, which is quite nice but I can't check in yet because they are cleaning the rooms.
I am hungry and about to go in search of food.
I miss everyone else too.
I'm nervous.
I'm excited.
This is going to be awesome.




Best fam ever. What what!

Voy a Espana en cuatro dias!

My family has been awesome. My mom, has been endlessly shopping for me and I must say she actually gets my style these days. My mom and I aren't really the spoil each other type so this has been a true treat and I am so grateful for it! On top of that she has been surprising me at work, my bar job, which is truly a massive boost to get me through the night! Gracias mamacita!

Here is an example of the absolute awesomeness she has brought to me!

My grandpa just told me that he is going to give me some monies and my stepdad Stephan is too! And my awesome Grammy!

This soon to be fully done with college is feeling very spoiled. Cheers to hard work paying off!

My best friend Anna just moved home from D.C. and I am feeling slightly sad because I only have just a few days to hang before I leave. The same goes for my good friend Matt who is moving to Dallas while I am gone and two of my best girlfriends who are pregnant and I will be gone for a month. Hoping everyone will stay in touch while I am gone. I need to find a post office in Barcelona. And Lyon. and some other beautiful places. Ahhhh!!!
{Anna and I 4 years ago about to take off on
our big European adventure!}
{super old photo of me and lex at our apartment :)}
{matt with a vacuum cleaner hahaha}
Its going to be hard without Will. We don't spend a lot of time apart, its not really our style. Not that we haven't had to before but man... I really wish he could come. Ok I am going to stop chatting about that before I get too down in the dumps.
{Will and I being super cute)
Alright more posting later! Off to take livi to the dog park and study spanish :)



yes oh yes oh YES!

{how cute is this caterpillar I found while camping}

Figured I have been neglecting my little blog for too long I have been reading everyone else's though!

So here is a quick update:

-Monday I finished my last class ever at the University of Houston
-Tuesday I worked my tail off at Berry Hill
-I have been designing away all week as well.
-Wednesday I worked my tail off at Berry Hill
-Thursday I worked my tail off at Berry Hill

Tonight I am going to see Minus the Bear with my amazing friend Ashleigh! One of the best birthday presents ever, thanks so much lady!


Did I mention the I leave in practically 10 days?? WHAT! And I have extended my trip to last until July 7th because I am going to stay with a friend in Lyon, France now? Yeah, I'm even jealous of me right now. Later I will post an update on Will and I's amazing 2 year anniversary camping trip but for now I am in dire need of a shower and I foresee a big glass of wine and fabulous music in the next two hours.

Also some other big news will be spread here, maybe not for a few months, but I'm pretty pumped.

Amor y Besos lovely blog friends.