the pat benatar tradition

I'm not sure what sparked it, but I have been thinkin of my sweet mama all night. I would like to share this wonderful photo of us when we are in super get along mode. This is us singing to Pat Benatar with a butcher knife and a wine glass. There is a little hand holding action taking place at the same time. We have done this a lot in our 22 (almost 23!) years together, sometimes with hairbrushes and other household items that can double of microphones. We don't always agree but my mom has it goin on for the most part and I love her. I will cherish this photo for ever and ever. Thank you Will for documenting this for us :)

Does anyone else have pictures like this that just make them feel awesome?

I just realized that this may also seem like and awkward family photo if someone reads this post after reading my previous one. It isn't meant to be but, it may not seem normal to the average family now that I take a look. If it is, I love it. Cheers to awkwardness.

Also, I miss my long hair. Workin on growin it back out!! And losing a bajillion pounds.

laughing in my apartment, a lot. Alone.

Ok so I just found this amazing website from danielle and dinosaur toes and I feel like I may be addicted. Hooray for a new distraction from all of the many things I should be doing instead of looking at awkward family photos. I swear I will post one of my own once I find one so I don't feel so guilty. Or at least stage one, because THIS IS AMAZING.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

Hope your monday is going well!


Fill in the blank friday.

Yay! Joining in on another fill in the blank friday from Lauren's blog! It has been too long since I have done this.

Check out #7, consider that my friday update for the weekend :)

1. The best piece of advice I was ever given was when a hair stylist told me that whenever you start to think of things that have gone wrong in your life or things you start to feel regret, you nip it in the butt .

2. If I had a million dollars to give to one charity I would give it to the child foundation or something similar possible a charity that inspires community creativity because I believe thats what keeps the gears in the mind turning and smiles on faces .

3. If I got to choose my "last meal" it would be tex-mex. I almost said home cooking but man tex mex is where its at. Can I have a margarita with it as well? .

4. My hair is one of the only things I consistently like about myself. I just cut it all off about 6 months ago, ready for it to grow back and be mucho mucho long.

5. If at first you don't succeed don't sit around and think bad about yourself, its pointless. Get back up on your "horse" and gallop through the night towards super amazing things during your second go round. No one is perfect.

6. I have always been very excited.

7. Oh....and by the way.... I am headed out of town for the weekend! Yay college station to visit Will's sister and her new bebe and then off to Austin to see some fabulous friends and plan our future amazing endeavors together. (more to come of the endeavors, expect great things. Be excited.)

Ooo one more thing, watch this video. It is amazing. Owen will change your life, in a good way. We will be jamming this with the windows down and the wind in our hair on our road trip.

and this



So I am thinking a lot about colored tape. I feel like it is something that is sadly missing from my life and I feel a bit out of the know for not knowing where to acquire this beautiful equipment without ordering it online.

this tape can be found at Present & Correct

I am in love with this shop but they are UK based and they do not sell this in their Etsy store.
They have many other pretty things and I just can't wait to start making such beautiful packaging.
I just read about the owners journey here, pretty inspiring.

On a related note that may not seem related has anyone seen this or love it as much as I do?

Love is like a roll of tape
its real good at making two things one.

Maybe someday I will have a tape themed wedding.

Did this post get weird for anyone, if so, I love it anyways.


Do you ever feel like there isn't enough time in the day? That you go and go and go, but you aren't quite sure what you did for the past 5 hours? I want to do so many things. Mainly I want to make and live off of making. I don't want to be over the top with money. I want my currency to be time and the way I spend it.

Thats my short rant for the day, it goes a long with a lot of big decisions I need to make in my life right now. Updates soon.



So my life is a little different than many other people my age. My parents had me really young therefore they are still in the baby making stage apparently. Well, not my mom she doesn't want anymore bebes. I could go into more detail on the craziness that has taken place throughout my life, but I feel it is pretty pointless as I am generally a happy young lady and I don't think I turned out all too terrible. Some days I may have a different response, just a warning. So... I have a young stepmom (who I really love) and a very little sister, she turned two this weekend! (I have other siblings as well but this post is for my little sis.) The road trip there was great! Will and I really enjoyed the Prius we rented, I mean, I am dying to have that car as my own. Livi was a good pup the whole way there. We didn't make it to disney like planned but life goes on. It had been exactly one year since I had seen my dad and my sister and stepmom so I was soooooo excited! The drive seemed like nothing since I was getting such a big treat! Thank you Will for being such a trooper this trip as well, it really means a lot to me that you came along.

My sisters birthday party was at Amaya Papaya. Basically, the equivalent of a kindergarten classroom. It was so neat with a sandbox, a lemonade stand, dress up clothes, etc. Everyone had something to play with. Caitlin ( stepmom, who I will no long refer to as that as she is more of a friend and only 3 years older than I and awesome) is a cake decorator and always goes alllll  out on Ella's (little sis) cake. Her theme was Lilo and Stitch this year.

Ah here are some photos on how ridiculously cute my sister is at her bday. 

I have a bunch more photos soon to put up :) 

I am so happy that I am going to be done with school so I can see my family more than once a year. She finally recogizes me as Chelsea, her sister. Even though she probably doesn't understand what a sister is. This time was so great, when I left we got her to say "Bye Sissy" and "Bye Will" an "Bye Wivi". 

I am a big sissy, in a good way.


a view.

Tonight while I work on all of the bajillion things I am supposed to be completing I am also being distracted by looking up neat places in the lovely city of Melbourne. Will and I are dreaming out loud about our happy place. :) 

This one is our fav so far.

Did I mention that this weekend Will, Olivia, and I are making the drive to Florida for my little sisters 2nd birthday!

I was supposed to fly, but... I accidentally booked my ticket to Dayton, Ohio instead of Daytona, Florida and man oh man they won't let me change it and tickets to Florida are almost $800 now! Crazy insane.

So now Will is able to come and we can bring the pup. We rented a 2010 prius and are very excited to start a new tradition of awesome road trips.

*Last time I drove to Florida by myself when my little sis was about to be born and Will kept me company via text the whole time, this was before we were together. So excited to make this trip together as a couple now! *

Here is a great photo from that trek I made all by myself. Not the best quality but basically describes what I was staring at forever and the deliriousness I was beginning to feel.

Cheers to good company on this drive!



Oh my goodness. I am dreaming of this, for every meal. She calls it elephant bread. Thank you for showing me this. Expect an update post on my reaction after I have made this for myself.

{photo cred: heres lookin at me kid}

One time I ate marshmallows for thanksgiving, just a little info to show my love for marshmallows.

Speaking of elephants, less than two weeks until my little sister's birthday! Not saying she is an elephant but her name is ella and she is as cute one. She is going to be 2!

We are hoping that no kids are mean and use the ella: elephant relation to tease her. I will beat em up if so.