New header.

:) Hoping to get more inspiration on how to dress up as a button for halloween.

Only button costume I have seen is this cute little one. And she is a toddler, an adorable one though. It does explain why people keep giggling when I say that is what I want to be this year :)
Here is link to the blog post I found it in!

Too silly?


To sum up my week so far...

I feel asleep on accident today.

For 3 hours... hence the whoa.

On a brighter note...

Will turned 26 on Monday October 26. :) I am so thankful he was born! (FYI, he's pretty much my fave. He has a mighty beard as well.)

For his birthday we are going to see Regina Spektor.

I'm happy he's happy about it.

I also finished my first official project in my new role with Green Lily Events!

Bring it on rest of the week. I swear I won't fall asleep on you again.

Oh I also made a commercial about cardboard door and wall installation so you can live out your childhood refrigerator fort dreams and confuse your pets. I'm anxiously awaiting my teachers feedback :) I hope he plays it for the class so I can see lots of interesting looks from my peers. Yes!


It all starts here and with bits of this and that.

I feel like I could float away with a kite.
I am happy to report that I am truly looking onward and upward. I went ahead and made the switch to Blogger from the WP today. Expect to read tales of duels and great rainbows in far away lands. Actually, expect exactly what my blog title says. This blog well share my chronicles of well, nice things I discover. Some grand, maybe common, sometimes epic, slightly sad, jump and dance inspiring, and well... the things that make day to day life and the grand scheme of things beautiful and imperfect all at once. Welcome to my Well Nice Chronicles. I am so thrilled to be here!