To sum up my week so far...

I feel asleep on accident today.

For 3 hours... hence the whoa.

On a brighter note...

Will turned 26 on Monday October 26. :) I am so thankful he was born! (FYI, he's pretty much my fave. He has a mighty beard as well.)

For his birthday we are going to see Regina Spektor.

I'm happy he's happy about it.

I also finished my first official project in my new role with Green Lily Events!

Bring it on rest of the week. I swear I won't fall asleep on you again.

Oh I also made a commercial about cardboard door and wall installation so you can live out your childhood refrigerator fort dreams and confuse your pets. I'm anxiously awaiting my teachers feedback :) I hope he plays it for the class so I can see lots of interesting looks from my peers. Yes!

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