Thank you and you and and all of you!

I know it is not so lovely that I have not been blogging! I have absolutely been reading blogs though! Truth is I have just been so busy that I have so much to blog about and have not been sure where to start! So I am going to make this blog post about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was a blast with Will's (my lovely boyfriend who is called The Ber by many, but I am officially calling him Oats from here on out, like he is my honey bunches of "oats" That's that.) family and mine. We spent a lot of time with good friends of his here, as well others who were in from out of town or who live on the other side of town. I also got to see some of my most favorite people! Overall it was a great break :)

We all toasted!
Sully sold kentucky fried chicken. :)
Maurice rocked out as usual.
My mom enjoyed a pie.
Will spilled Pickle juice, it was noticeable. He thought he got away with it.
Mark and Brandon came too! It was great, the only pictures of them I have I took when I had already been cheersing...

Overall it was wonderful. I hope everyone else's was too!

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