Can't Stop, Won't Stop.

This little blog gets neglected but not forgotten :) With so much going on with Huckleberry Creative, scheduling me time can get a little daunting.

But, here I am... a little under the weather and taking the day off work for me. Little blog, you won't be neglected any longer. Also... Sorry dear friends and family who faithfully check here for updates... I will not fail you any longer.

Funny that my last post was about resolutions... haha I have actually not done too bad with them until the monumental I quit my big fancy magazine job because they treated me terrible and now I am bar-tending again fiasco.  The bar-tending is not forever I know... because our little company is rapidly growing and I couldn't be more thrilled to be doing something so awesome with two of my favorite people ever.

I'm excited. I need to keep writing it down because these are times I definitley do not want to forget.
You know what else? I think they are exciting enough for you all to read about too.

So there. I'm back.

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