My new favorite story...

Is one of my own! Can you guess what it is? 

What else could it be except how Will proposed!

 On the morning of  my 24th birthday, just about 2 weeks ago now, I woke up very early because I noticed there was a little less warmth in my comfy bed. Livi and I (our dog) searched the house (all 679 sqft.) for our beloved Will. Having seen the bathroom light was off I naturally didn't look in there. Right as I was about to panic, I heard my phone ringing and saw his face pop up on my screen :) 

His phone photo is one of him pretending to hide behind a fake tree 
in a craft store which cracks me up everytime I see it! Just a good sidenote :)

The first thing he asked me was if I had been in the bathroom yet. I thought this was a strange question
 until I went to look and saw this sign hanging from the doorway. It really makes a lot of sense when you think of it logically but I unfortunately don't do things in order all of the time. 
If you know me you know I love going on the roof. A LOT. Not sure if I posted it here but we recently did this photoshoot up there for Huckleberry.

Above is what I saw when I got up there. 
He had a breakfast picnic and bought me a super amazing record player I have been wanting for ages. Upon closer inspection and a little guidance from my man I found this little box and a VERY lovely and amazing letter inside. He styled it so beautifully and even wrote "To My Love" on the top. Great font choices too :) This letter was so sweet that he said he had to step away while I read it. Its main theme was passion and planning. He also engraved those words into the inside of the box which held the letter. It spoke of hopes and dreams for our life, our past talks about getting married and plans, and most of all, our love.
I'm definitely holding back tears as I type this...
At the bottom of the letter I was told to come get some kisses on the roof from him as my last birthday present. They were magical and I was so happy about my birthday gifts and love from him! I thought that was it then, time to eat! 

He's really good at timing. I mean really good. He's a feet sweeper in every way. 

As we walked back to the picnic site he must have stayed a few steps behind me because as I was about to go for some scrumptious breakfast treats he called from behind me " Wait! I have one more present for you!"

He claims I must have known by the way he said because I turned around in slow motion ( I always get nervous for other people when they are dong big things!). He does a funny impression of the look I had on my face now as well. 

Much to my surprise, he was down on his knee asking me for forever with him. He handcrafted me a ring out of wood because he is just that thoughtful. I laughed, cried, danced around and of course said yes!  
I am still just so smitten and bursting with joy over the whole deal I feel like this post just can't express it
Sorry for the poor quality of my iPhone photos... I obviously wasn't prepared for photo taking! 

Here is a picture of the finished proposal ring from Will's post about the making of it on his blog
Check it out for sure. Pretty neat if you ask me :)

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  1. OMG OMG OMG!!! I am SOOOO BEYOND HAPPY FOR YOU!!! i can imagine how PERFECT this birthday will always be... from the rooftop (magical!) to the food (way to my heart for sure! Ha) to a most special ring... your HUSBAND-TO-BE is incredible!!!

    i love love love that you shared your magical day with us and i can't wait to hear more as you plan to be his wife :)



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