Could it be, a wedding post at last?

Things have been a bit crazy on the Swain - Stan front but I am pleased to announce we are working very hard to plant some roots in our new city of Austin and pleased to announce we will be getting married next October!

Here are the pretty amazing colors Will and I have chosen.

     left img via// right img via

Was it hard for you to pick your wedding colors? I usually don't have a hard time helping a bride out with this but when it's for yourself, good golly it's hard! We are pretty excited. Pretty sure I am going to go ahead and bite the bullet and make a full wedding section here on le blog. Readers beware! Just kidding!
Stay tuned for photos of the ring.

I am one lucky lady. A lucky lady who is super in love. Eee!

Side-note: I counted the word PRETTY 3 times in this post. Yikes?

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