Too busy to focus, think about car dealerships.

This week I know I have hit one of those crazy busy peaks that I am going to look back on and say wow that was insane (everyone has done this right?).
Here are some ways I know that this is happening.

In mid sentence I find my eyes focused on random spots on the wall, then on school, then on food, then on my weight, then on bar tending, then drinking at a bar, then back to conversation, then confused, then to work, then to logos, then to taking pictures, then to recording music, then to fluffy kitties, then to fluffy boyfriend beard, and then a bajillion other things but! This is the big one, I start thinking about THINKING. Ridiculous.

Then I revert back to being a little kid. When I was little I used to distract myself with this weird pattern of thoughts about buying a new car. I always wondered who dropped the person off at the car dealership to get their new car, what happened to the old one? What if they had someone ride with them...

Really this is all nonsense I know, but I knew nothing of trading in cars and cabs etc.

So when I start thinking about that car thing... I know I'm in overload mode. Also, I can be pretty sure that you may think I am crazy now too. Its ok, I may be :)

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