Open up your folding chair next to me.

This week has been sooo great!
So busy too...I mean really busy.
Anyways I would like to share some photos.

2nd Row center!
Regina Spektor Ruling
We also met a really nice guy named Jose who came to the show all of the way from Louisiana for the show! He is going to be going to Spain at the same time I am studying there. Awesome to make new friends who like good music.

Overall the show was amazing. Will and I ate at Hard Rock cafe by the venue and my veggie burger was nasty. Wills burger looked really good.

I am so happy Will enjoyed the show! Happy Birthday again love!

Also, having to pee very badly for hours while watching good music is okay until the show ends and you have to find a bathroom and maneuver through a large group of people. That was pretty lame.

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  1. um wow. hello perfect birthday gift! i want to hear more about the Swell Season too :)


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