Chapter Number: Next

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Today has been dreary and rainy and I figured sleep would come quite easily after so much work and exercise (so happy to be back getting my yoga on!). Yet, here I am bloggin away, trying to steal a few more moments before I have to get up and tackle another week.

This week though, is one of my last weeks of college. It is actually beginning to feel real. These 6 years (yes, I know... I had some indecisive moments...I graduated high school a year early and went all of over the place, 3 colleges, 3 majors, a bajillion bad decisions I'm sure, but hey? That's part of growing up right, you live and you learn. I can truthfully say I have and I think a lot of it shows in the choices I make and the work I do now.) of hard work and mind blowing life changes and decisions, are coming to a close.

At this moment I have a lot of big plans for life after college, some are already beginning and others are still in constant day dream mode but none the less, they are very real to me. I hope through the next year I get to show these little (actually quite large) dreams coming to life here on my area of this gigantic net of dreams and other miscellaneous things.

In 5 weeks I will be headed to Spain for the true last part of my education (formal education that is).

I can feel my fingers grasping the page that has the first paragraph of the next chapter of my life written on it. I have that anticipation of wanting to just skip ahead a read a few lines, just for a little glimpse of what is to come. Even writing it out right now feels good.

I'm so glad I get to take some great things from my previous & present chapters with me as well as leave things behind.

Cheers to Chapter Number: Next.

Sorry for the insanely long badly written life reflecting post, hopefully the colors helped keep it lively for your eyes.


  1. pshh badly written. silly girl.

    i can't wait for all the exciting things in your next chapter, it's going to be awesome!

  2. Spain! Uber jealous! Sounds fantastic right about now!

    p.s. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! blog friends are the best! :)


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