Thank you!

I want to make sure I send some great thanks you's to everyone who made my birthday so great!

I am soon going to steal some photos of Will's phone and hopefully get some photos from lee and sarah of our fantastic camping adventure weekend. We had so much fun, despite the guy in the creepy van and the lack of space between campsites. I was pretty proud of our "roughing it" skills. Tin foil boats made to cook eggs and other similar things came from our great survival minds.

We learned that:

-non-stick spray and utensils to pull hot things out of fire are very important

-old fashioned can openers are not easy to figure out and may cause severe flesh wounds

-little green caterpillars can be very friendly and territorial all at once

-ladies, prepare for camping by doing squats, those muscles will come in handy at potty time

-and many other wonderful things...

So thank you everyone for the weekend: Kendall, Will, Lee, Sarah, Sully, and Mike C. I missed everyone else and greatly appreciated all of the sweet comments, calls and packages :)

Anna- don't be sad the postman was not gentle, I will use the broken glass to make something :)

In one week I will be the owner of this bad boy, thanks to my wonderful mamacita and stepapa Stephan.

I will be baking in this wonderful little number that Will got me!

so excited and happy :)


  1. macaron city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh you lucky girl - I have been dying for a kitchen aid for years. LOVE IT. And that apron is adorable too. Gosh, I need a cute kitchen like now.


So happy to hear from you :)