sometime you just need some jams.

Digging Whitley, found him via an australia festival lineup that Will showed me last night.
Warning: this is going to be an honest blog.

Barcelona has not proven to be my most favorite trip, for many reasons I suppose. In all honesty I am truly having a hard time fitting in. I used to think I had no problem making friends but I really just feel out of loop here. Hopefully things get better.

Will gave me a nice bit of advice today. He told me just to focus on the fact that I get to have some me time. I mean really there are a lot of good things here, I have definitely had fun at times and there are some good people. Just for the most part I spend my time alone and for those of you who know me personally, I am not really an alone person, I love my friends :)

Will, is right though. This is one of the last times I will travel alone (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET HIM BE RIGHT!) and I need to make the best of it.

Here are some things I am totally loving.

-Dinner with my host parents. It is always interesting and I love trying to figure out what they are saying to me. They only speak spanish. Well y Catalan.

-Wandering the streets is great, as long as there is no rain.

-The beach es muy bonita.

-Cafe sin leche. All of the coffee here is so good!

- A couple of nice people who I hang out with when we can get in contact...

-My ipod. Especially the mix from Will. Without the ipod I would certainly already be headed home.

- Neat buildings and streets and people and funny dogs and fountains and cervesarias and dancing and yep.

Things i don't like.

-mean people
-pick pockets
-aggressive try to rape people pickpockets
-early mornings
-being lost for a past the fun part amount of time
-lost luggage
-being lonely
-having no one to joke around with most of the time
-having a hard time communicating and not being able to hang out with the couple of people who are nice.
-weird bumps on my fingers (I always get something weird like that when I travel!)
-feeling like I am old

Ok enough with the negative.

Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to run through it like I have a big kite and take on the city.

does that make sense or at least sound like tons of fun to anyone else but me?



  1. Aw, well we love you back here in Texas and can't wait to have you back!

  2. I've totally heard that Whitley guy...he shows up on my Pandora all the time. Good stuff!

    Amor y besos!


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