Today was kind of a long day, therefore I am thinking about super happy things like....
When Ella and Caitlin came to visit. We had so much fun going to the park and to see christmas lights at the Lights in the Heights Festival and so much more. Makes my heart super warm just thinking about all of it :) I even miss her jumping around and bouncing off my walls and writing on things with crayons. (Thank you Will for all of you patience and wonderful lovingness while she was here.)
Having a little sister 21 years younger than yourself is pretty great if you ask me. I feel like I get to know her without all of the sibling rivalry and really enjoy her, despite the fact that most people think she could be my daughter when we are out in public or that my stepmom is my sister. 

I love all of the little quirks that make up our crazy little bunch.

Some of these are almost awkward family photo worthy but I love them. 

Isn't she the best photo subject ever?

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