New Year!!!

Hello January 2011!

Here are my resolutions. Better a couple days late than never right?

1. Be good to my body. Eat better & exercise mas.

We've come a long way together and I did a little sabotaging in 2010. This includes the usual new years stuff like eating better (no more putting crap down my gullet!) and getting exercise in everyday. I will be picking up my yoga habit and doing fun things for exercise like long walks in my new vibrams with my Will after work and hikes etc. I just rejoined WW too!

2. Appreciate my imperfections.

I am extremely hard on myself. Its gotta stop. This year is about letting go of mistakes and allowing myself to make them. 

3. More family and friends time.

I am going to organize my life better so that there is work time and family/friends time. No more of this running around like a crazy lady.

4. Perfect my sewing and crafty skills.

We have some big things happening this year and I am ready to get my skills perfected so I take some projects to the next level! 

5. Get Ready.

This could actually apply to tons of things I want to happen this year. I have a lot to get ready for, but the first step is to start doing things like painting my nails,  putting on my makeups, moisturizing more, not letting my legs go unshaved just because its cold outside, etc. These little changes make a big difference in how you tackle many things in life, plus Will deserves more than a frumpy girlfriend. 

6. Complain Less!

Super inspired from reading A Cup of Jo's decision to join in on this challenge. I will take it a week at a time. I think miss Anna is going to give it a go too! Life is too short to complain, generally what we complain about is something we should just be taking action to change instead of wasting time ramblin on about it. 

Cheers to 2011!!

Photo taken on a beautiful day by the river in Comfort, TX at my family's farm :)

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  1. Great goals! Count me in for the complaining less resolution.



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