Hello east coast, nice to meet you.

We are about to go to bed here in Philadelphia to get up in the morning and take the chinatown bus to NYC. We have been having so much fun it is unreal! Oats has a really great best friend who has been showing us around and letting us crash in his living room. It feels like a real vacation though, we even took one night to just go on a date to the movies and hang out at a sweet pub right down the street. We are feeling a little bit like the movie away we go minus the baby part.
So far we are definitely getting the vibe that we belong on the east coast, philly is amazing.
This picture basically sums up the past couple of days, expect more later :)

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  1. yikes the chinatown bus! you should take the bolt on your way down to dc...free wifi! and safer... :) i LOVE the photo, looks like a lovely time! can't wait to see you guys!!!!!!!!!


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