We have a some news!

First, I am officially going to Spain to finish my degree this summer! I booked my ticket to Barcelona for May 25. Will was supposed to be able to come visit for couple of weeks but unfortunately there is no way he can leave work. Therefore the money that was going to go to the plane ticket... went to us finally getting our pup! We picked her out at the shelter on Valentines day and today she was all ready to go!

It was so hard to keep this a secret... We want to share with you the newest addition to our little family. Meet Olivia "Livi".
She is part catahoula and we think australian shepherd. We saved her from the shelter. She is the sweetest most loving little lady. We could not be more thrilled. Soon we will have our kitties back from their vacation too. Expect a lot of animal lovin crazy posts!

Look she is already loving blogs!

Will keeps calling her girly :) so sweet.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday Night!


  1. oh gosh she's cute! i'm glad i got to skype with you guys and meet her! lovez!

  2. i wanna meet her!!!!! yes? ok great! she can play with my dog. only my dog is old. my dog can teach her all her wise tricks. lol.

  3. Too cute! I'm glad you guys got such an adorable dog. :-)

  4. absolutely adorable! Congrats! We rescued our little cocker spaniel about six months ago, and at first, she was a hand-full. I'll be honest, I almost gave up and gave her back while she was still on the shelter's "trail period". But today, i couldn't imagine our little house without her. She's the perfect addition to our family! Enjoy your new pup!
    Can't wait for Indie 2.0 to officially begin!!!


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