The Wonder of You.

So my family raised me to really love Elvis. Not that I wouldn't have anyways... Since it is Valentine's weekend I would like to share one of my favorite pictures.

How great is that?

These are my parents. They are not married anymore but it makes me happy to know their was a day when they were this happy together, kind of like Elvis and Priscilla. (I'm in this picture too by the way)

Happy Valentines everyone. This post is happy I promise!


  1. I loveeeee elvis! my mom passed her love for him to me :) going to Graceland this summer was the best surprises from my then boyfriend, now fiance.

    Have you ever read "Elvis and Me," Priscilla's bio? love love love.

    i also love that you said you were in your parent's wedding pic ;)

    happy valentines love!


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