I am not a writer.

I have to write two ads a week for a broadcast and film writing class. These are for two different companies, local national, etc. I have to write scripts that are timed 60-30-20-10 seconds long. Crazy. My scripts are terrible. Terribly cheesy. Here is one so everyone can have a laugh. I chose Zales, a terrrible terrible overpriced and cheesy jewelry shop. Perfect.

(SOUNDS OF FAST WIND AND SHUTTER BANGING see snow falling out of window.
Woman: Oh hunny, have you looked at the weather lately?
     Man: (watching TV) Yes, it looks like we may be snowed in for a while. The 
               weatherman just said  this only the beginning. He forgot to 
               mention this isn’t the only beginning happening tonight.
Woman:  (making hot chocolate) What are you talking about, that makes no sense.
                (turns around and sees man on knees)
     Man: (opens up red Zales box)I don’t mind being snowed in with you forever.
               Will you start our fairy tale with me tonight? 
Woman: (spills hot chocolate) and screams yes, lets live happily ever after.
  Across screen: Zales. Your fairy tale. Any time. Even in a snow storm.

above: me hiding in shame

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  1. i'd be more inclined to buy from zales after hearing this sort of commercial...just sayin'. lovez.


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