So I am thinking a lot about colored tape. I feel like it is something that is sadly missing from my life and I feel a bit out of the know for not knowing where to acquire this beautiful equipment without ordering it online.

this tape can be found at Present & Correct

I am in love with this shop but they are UK based and they do not sell this in their Etsy store.
They have many other pretty things and I just can't wait to start making such beautiful packaging.
I just read about the owners journey here, pretty inspiring.

On a related note that may not seem related has anyone seen this or love it as much as I do?

Love is like a roll of tape
its real good at making two things one.

Maybe someday I will have a tape themed wedding.

Did this post get weird for anyone, if so, I love it anyways.


  1. i'm in love with this tape too! check out this one: http://www.happytape.bigcartel.com/

  2. Ohhhh flight of the conchords! hehe, Im from New Zealand too. They are quite delightful i think.


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