a view.

Tonight while I work on all of the bajillion things I am supposed to be completing I am also being distracted by looking up neat places in the lovely city of Melbourne. Will and I are dreaming out loud about our happy place. :) 

This one is our fav so far.

Did I mention that this weekend Will, Olivia, and I are making the drive to Florida for my little sisters 2nd birthday!

I was supposed to fly, but... I accidentally booked my ticket to Dayton, Ohio instead of Daytona, Florida and man oh man they won't let me change it and tickets to Florida are almost $800 now! Crazy insane.

So now Will is able to come and we can bring the pup. We rented a 2010 prius and are very excited to start a new tradition of awesome road trips.

*Last time I drove to Florida by myself when my little sis was about to be born and Will kept me company via text the whole time, this was before we were together. So excited to make this trip together as a couple now! *

Here is a great photo from that trek I made all by myself. Not the best quality but basically describes what I was staring at forever and the deliriousness I was beginning to feel.

Cheers to good company on this drive!


  1. hooray for road trips! I still think you two should just keep driving and come see me!

    also, i LOVE the place in melbourne. it's so so pretty :)

  2. Yay road trips! Hope it was amazing. Pictures please :)


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