the pat benatar tradition

I'm not sure what sparked it, but I have been thinkin of my sweet mama all night. I would like to share this wonderful photo of us when we are in super get along mode. This is us singing to Pat Benatar with a butcher knife and a wine glass. There is a little hand holding action taking place at the same time. We have done this a lot in our 22 (almost 23!) years together, sometimes with hairbrushes and other household items that can double of microphones. We don't always agree but my mom has it goin on for the most part and I love her. I will cherish this photo for ever and ever. Thank you Will for documenting this for us :)

Does anyone else have pictures like this that just make them feel awesome?

I just realized that this may also seem like and awkward family photo if someone reads this post after reading my previous one. It isn't meant to be but, it may not seem normal to the average family now that I take a look. If it is, I love it. Cheers to awkwardness.

Also, I miss my long hair. Workin on growin it back out!! And losing a bajillion pounds.

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  1. i love this post for so many reasons! because i love mom/daughter traditions (and what's more fun when it includes pat benatar?)

    and because i miss my mom sooo much! i hate living far away from home. :(

    i HAVE to call her ever day :)


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