Oh my goodness. I am dreaming of this, for every meal. She calls it elephant bread. Thank you for showing me this. Expect an update post on my reaction after I have made this for myself.

{photo cred: heres lookin at me kid}

One time I ate marshmallows for thanksgiving, just a little info to show my love for marshmallows.

Speaking of elephants, less than two weeks until my little sister's birthday! Not saying she is an elephant but her name is ella and she is as cute one. She is going to be 2!

We are hoping that no kids are mean and use the ella: elephant relation to tease her. I will beat em up if so.


  1. let's eat this every day when i'm in tx ok? also, i think ella should dress up as an elephant for halloween this year. it would be unbearable cute. :)

  2. mmmmm....

    this looks delicious! i wonder how those marshmallows got toasted?


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