So my life is a little different than many other people my age. My parents had me really young therefore they are still in the baby making stage apparently. Well, not my mom she doesn't want anymore bebes. I could go into more detail on the craziness that has taken place throughout my life, but I feel it is pretty pointless as I am generally a happy young lady and I don't think I turned out all too terrible. Some days I may have a different response, just a warning. So... I have a young stepmom (who I really love) and a very little sister, she turned two this weekend! (I have other siblings as well but this post is for my little sis.) The road trip there was great! Will and I really enjoyed the Prius we rented, I mean, I am dying to have that car as my own. Livi was a good pup the whole way there. We didn't make it to disney like planned but life goes on. It had been exactly one year since I had seen my dad and my sister and stepmom so I was soooooo excited! The drive seemed like nothing since I was getting such a big treat! Thank you Will for being such a trooper this trip as well, it really means a lot to me that you came along.

My sisters birthday party was at Amaya Papaya. Basically, the equivalent of a kindergarten classroom. It was so neat with a sandbox, a lemonade stand, dress up clothes, etc. Everyone had something to play with. Caitlin ( stepmom, who I will no long refer to as that as she is more of a friend and only 3 years older than I and awesome) is a cake decorator and always goes alllll  out on Ella's (little sis) cake. Her theme was Lilo and Stitch this year.

Ah here are some photos on how ridiculously cute my sister is at her bday. 

I have a bunch more photos soon to put up :) 

I am so happy that I am going to be done with school so I can see my family more than once a year. She finally recogizes me as Chelsea, her sister. Even though she probably doesn't understand what a sister is. This time was so great, when I left we got her to say "Bye Sissy" and "Bye Will" an "Bye Wivi". 

I am a big sissy, in a good way.


So happy to hear from you :)